Sky Siege Android app Review


In the Sky Siege Android app you will be able to mix both augmented and virtual reality in order to create an extremely entertaining first person shooter.  You will find yourself spinning around the room as you try to take out war planes, blimps, and enemy helicopters.



  • In this aircraft first person shooter you will have an insane 3D experience as you try and hunt and gun down enemy aircraft that is in your zone
  • The coolest thing about this app is that it is done in augmented reality which means that you will have to turn your body around and look through the view screen to be able to see all of your enemies and take them out
  • You will have a little compass on screen that you can use to find enemies as well as a button for toggling through your weapons.  There is even a zoom button to help you get up close and personal
  • You will want Android 2.1 or higher to be able to have a really smooth gameplay experience so make sure that you have the right hardware to run this app
  • This can be a really fun and addictive game as you are spinning around the room trying to destroy your enemies


This is one of the coolest first person shooter aircraft games that is out for the Android.  The entire game is in 3D and the graphics are pretty incredible.  You will have to go through the levels and try to take down all kinds of different enemy aircraft including other helicopters, blimps, planes and a whole lot more.  The game is all done in augmented reality and you can go around shooting people by simply turning your body into a different direction to see what is around you.  There are on screen controls that you can use in order to toggle through your different weapons and you can also use the zoom button to get a closer look at your enemies.  The only cons to this game is that it can get pretty repetitive at times and also the compass can get a little messy sometimes which makes it really hard to be able to find all of your enemies that you are supposed to be blasting down.

This app has been given a review and a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars and it only costs 1.59 euros to download onto your Android phone off of the app marketplace.

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