Ringdroid Android app Review


In the Ringdroid Android app you will be able to edit and customize your songs for all of your alarms, ringtones, and notifications.



  • The Ringdroid app can be used to edit all kinds of files namely WAV, MP3, and AMR audio files.  This is a great feature that it can be used for so many different formats
  • You can edit songs that are in your library and then create all kinds of different alarms, notifications and ringtones from them
  • You can either record your very own song right onto your phone or you can use track that have already been saved onto your library
  • As soon as you download the app and open it you will find that you can see all of the MP3’s on your phone.  You can then search through your G1 phone by using the keyboard
  • Once you have selected a song that you think will be a good fit you simply use the song editing interface to be able to start personalizing your song
  • You will be able to slide the start and stop points as much as you want to create the perfect ringtone segments
  • You can also use the fast forward, rewind, pause, zoom in and out, and trackball to precisely cut up the song
  • You can then save the song so that you can use the snippet at a later time


The Ringdroid Android app gives you creative control over your ringtones and how you want them to sound on your phone.  Pretty much you juts find the sing  that you want to edit, pull it into the app and then you can type in different filters.  You can decide where you want the song to start and where you want it to stop by just using the simple MP3 sliders that are available on the editing screen.  You can rewind it, pause it, fast forward, and then re-edit all over again as much as you would like.  This is great because you can mess with it for hours until you get it perfectly how you want it.  Once you have it finished you just tap on the save button and go on your way.  This is great because other ringtone clips will force you to start the song from the beginning whereas this app will allow you to customize and edit your songs so that you can listen to your very favorite parts.   You can use the songs that you create as either ringtones, alarms, music, or even notifications.

This app has been given a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by a team of reviewers.  You can also download this app onto your phone for free.

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