Prism 3D Android app Review


In the Prism 3D Android app you will have to see if you can direct your bouncy ball around the board and complete the level!



  • The Prism 3D puzzle game for the Android is a great test of your reflexes.  The game is based entirely around the accelerometer and you will have to master the movements in the game to be able to beat it
  • You will control a big ball as you bound off of 3D tiles that are located all across the board.  Each of the tiles will make your ball do something different so you will have to make sure you pick the right path
  • The graphics on this game are colorful and smooth.  You will love the playful and simple theme that is displayed in this gaming app
  • There are also over 25 different levels that have already been created that you can play on.  This offers a lot of variety
  • If you get the pro version then you can actually create your own levels and try and beat the monster that you have just created
  • There is also a game mode called the infinite mode where you can literally play for forever


This is a pretty fun little puzzle game that will have your reflexes spinning because of how quick you need to be on your feet.  You have to try and get this silly little ball to the end of the level and in doing so try and get as many points as is humanly possible.  If you upgrade to the pro version you can even create your own tracks and be a game editor.  This is a fun way to spend a few hours of every day is to see how difficult of a course you can create on the editor and then see if you can beat it.  If you hit a blue cube with one of those double circles it will give you one bounce and then it will shatter the square underneath so you gotta make sure that you are constantly moving so that you don’t get caught having a block drop from underneath you.  If you land on squares with arrows then you will get pushed in certain directions and if it has double arrows then you will go even farther.

This gaming app has received pretty good reviews by critics.  It currently has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars by Android app users.  You can also get a free trial of the game to see if it is something that you really like.

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