Pandora Radio Android app Review


The Pandora Radio Android app is a great way to personalize and customize your radio listening experience.  Simply pick a song or an artist that you like and Pandora will create a radio station based on that genre of music.



  • The Pandora Radio is a free way to personalize your radio listening experience to only pick music that is similar to stuff that you already like
  • When creating a station on Pandora you will want to start with the name of an artist that you like or a song that sticks out to you and the app will just make a station that has music that is similar to that
  • If you don’t like a certain song then you can pick the like or dislike button on the app to be able to better customize your listening experience
  • The song database in the app is absolutely huge so you will never get bored of music on there
  • You can start songs, pause them, skip them, and bookmark them if you decide to do so
  • Also, if you find a band or a song that you really like then you can link to the Amazon MP3 Android app and buy it right there
  • There is album art with every song that comes on and it is large and in your face
  • The quality of the audio in the app is actually really good so you won’t have to worry about static or anything like that


Pandora is one of the coolest radio inventions ever.  Now it just gets even better because it has moved to the mobile market and is made more easily available.  This app is great because it is an easy way to create a playlist of new music without you actually having to play it yourself.  You can even help enhance your radio station by picking certain bands and music that you would like to hear.  The app will continue to learn your music taste as you use the like and dislike features that are included.  If you decide you really like any of the songs or albums that you hear then you can always buy it off of the Amazon MP3 Android app.  There are a few cons to the app, however, including that there is a few second delay before it picks the next song and you can only skip 6 songs total during an entire hour when you have the free version.  Also, some of the stations don’t always play the music that you picked.

This is a must have app, judging by its reviews.  This app has been given a 4.4 out of 5 star rating by Android app users and you can currently download this app onto your phone for free.

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