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In the Let’s Golf Android app you will be able to test your golfing skills in a number of different courses throughout the world. The game is entirely in 3D and offers some pretty sweet controls on top of that.

lets golf


  • This is the best golf game out for the Android right now. You will be able to play on a variety of different courses and it will all be with some amazing 3D graphics
  • There are over 63 holes throughout the game and they come in 4 different environments.  There is also a total of four different characters that you can mess with and customize
  • The locations for the game include the likes of the English countryside, the Scottish Lochs, the Fiji beaches, and the American Mountains
  • You can also mess with your players strengths and weaknesses and customize their wardrobes and playing styles
  • You can adapt the controls to any style of play and you can even use the advanced mode to help it feel like a sports simulation game.


This is a completely immersive golf game that is entirely in three dimensions.  This makes the game very realistic and is much more fun to play than a top view or 2D version of the game.  The graphics are sweet and the environments are huge.  You also have the option to customize the characters and mess around with the game controls which are actually pretty easy.  You will be able to mess with the difficulty levels of the courses to be able to match your skill set and you can toggle through a few different game modes including a multiplayer mode as well as an instant play mode.  You can also try out the tournament modes or even the Free Hole modes.  You will be able to play in a variety of different courses from the USA to Scotland to England.  The biggest problem with the game is that you can’t get it through the normal Android Market.  You can only get it through their website and it really is a big pain to do.  You have to wait for a text message from them with a custom link.  Some buyers never got the text and then could find no customer support.  You also can’t reinstall the game once its been downloaded.

This app has been rated by a variety of different Android users and currently has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.  You can also download this app onto your Android for $4.99.

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