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In the Kindle For Android app you will have access to thousands of books right from your Android phone!  This app will simply connect with your previously existing Amazon account and allow you to have access to buying books as well as just reading the thousands of free ones that are already on there.  When you download a book it will immediately come up on your homepage as soon as it is done downloading.  That way you can stay up to date on your new books.



  • In this new Kindle app for Android  you will have access to more than 600,000 different Kindle books, all from the convenience of your mobile phone
  • You can also get access to thousands of free books on there as well.  It will simply synchronize you with your Amazon Whispersync account
  • You can customize your reading experience by fixing the size of the text as well as adjusting screen brightness and fixing the color mode
  • There are also a lot of free ebooks out there that you can read while using this little app
  • You can save and sync the last page that you have been reading so that it saves between devices
  • There is also a bookmark feature as well as a spot where you can put any notes or highlights of your choice
  • There is a Kindle store option that you can pick to be able to purchase new books right from your phone


The Kindle app for Android is a way that you can read over 620,000 books right from your little mobile Android phone.  The great part about it is that many of the books (in fact thousands of them) can be downloaded for free onto your phone.  This app will synchronize your phone with Amazon Whispersync and you can customize the layout all that you want including fixing the text size, the brightness of the screen, and also the color mode for the entire setup.  This app also has a bookmark feature where you can start off where you left off and there is even a way that you can purchase more books right from your phone.  The downloads that you decide to put on there will come up on your home screen as soon as they are done downloading.

This is a cool little app for Android and has gotten reviews of 4.1 out of 5 stars.  The other really great thing about the app is that it is completely free to download.

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