Gmote Android app Review


The Gmote Android app is a great way to access your movies, music, and photos from your computer all at a distance.



  • The Gmote Android app allows you to literally turn your mobile phone into a remote control for your computer so that you can start movies and music from a distance
  • You will be able to use your GI remote to be able to stream music right from your computer
  • This app also has support for Windows XP, Mac, Linux, and even Vista.  So it will work for any computer operating system out there
  • You can also use this remote to control your power points, to open and view PDF’s, and to change image slide shows
  • You can also navigate around the web and open up websites right from your mobile phone
  • The GMote Touch feature has been completely improved in this new version so now you can launch any file that you want
  • The media remote control allows you to stream and also launch music, videos and photos.  You can also turn all of your photos into a slide show by simply pressing play
  • The GMote Touch will let you control the keyboard and the mouse for the computer.  You can open up different documents, type on them and even browse the web and copy and paste documents
  • The we browsing tool allows you to open a WAP-like browser so you can open it up on the computer


This is a nifty little app that allows you to control your computer from a distance.  You can start movies or music from a ways away which is a great feature for anyone that likes to lay in bed and listen to music or watch movies but doesn’t want to have to get up in order to change stuff.  There are three main features that are included in the app and they include the media remote control, the gmote touch, and also the web browsing capabilities.  All of these things allow you to access your computer and just make your life a bit easier.  Overall, this isn’t really a necessary tool for people to have but it is a convenience thing if you have a computer that is on the other side of your bed.  Some people already have remote controls for their music players, but if you don’t then this is a good free option to look into and is definitely at least worth a try.

This app has been given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and you can download it onto your Android phone for free off of the android marketplace.

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