Amazon MP3 For Android app Review


In the Amazon MP3 for Android you will have access to thousands of songs that you can then purchase with a single click of your finger.



  • The best part about this app is that you have access to all of your favorite Amazon MP3s right from the convenience of your mobile phone
  • You can browse through the app based on genre and search, or you can go through the Top 100 Albums, and the Top 100 Songs
  • There is also a sample feature on the app so you can listen to 30 second clips of all of your favorite high quality MP3s before you actually purchase and download them
  • Once you have found the MP3s you are looking for you can then go and purchase them easily with the help of the 1 click purchase option.  You just need to enter in your credit card information one time and then it is saved so it is super easy for you to be able to buy songs and albums from your favorite artists
  • The app is super easy to navigate through and you will see that it has been optimized to help you preview the songs, search for them, and then purchase them
  • Buying and previewing music has never been as easy as it is on the Amazon MP3 for Android


This Amazon app is great because now it is easier than ever to purchase and download the songs you love right onto your mobile phone.  You can browse through hundreds and thousands of songs and artists in order to find ones that you really like.  You can also listen to samples of the music as well before you download them.  You will find a bunch of different categories on the app including the top 100 Albums, the top  100 Songs, and also you can search based on the genre.  You can set up the app so you simple have to do the one click ordering in order for you to be able to get the music you want.  It will save your credit card info so it is super easy to get new songs.  The only gripes that comes with this app are that some of the songs are not always available and also it can be kind of annoyint go have to open a separate browser in order to register from your phone.

This is one of the best Android apps out there.  This app has been given a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users and can be downloaded onto your phone for free.

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