SlideIT Keyboard Android app Review


The SlideIT Keyboard is a great new way to text your friends and family.   You simply run your fingers across the appropriate letters and create the words in a fraction of the time it would have taken.  Definitely worth checking out.



  • Using a swipe feature to enter in text is pretty revolutionary and much faster and easier to do than just entering in the letters one at a time.  This way you can just quickly create words and sentences without having to fix every letter as you go along
  • It is very easy to activate the keyboard for this app.  You simply go to the settings tab, local and text, and then select the SlideIT keyboard from the list. Then you just hold your finger down on any text box and click the input method to the select SlideIT
  • The control interface of the keyboard is pretty genius and you will be able to cut your texting time in half.  This is great for people who text a lot and want to get their message across much quicker
  • There is also a learning library that you can access that allows you to add certain words to the dictionary so you don’t have to to correct it every time that you write it
  • One of the other really cool things about this app is that it actually allows you to support a lot of different languages.  You can add different language dictionaries to have a sort of global keyboard


This is a cool little keyboard for the Android and is really similar to the Swype app.  Just sliding your fingers around the keyboard is so much easier than actually pressing the buttons in manually.  Once you get an app like this for texting it is hard to go back to the old style.  There are a few cons to this app however including the fact that you essentially have to learn an entirely new way to enter in text.  Also there is a lot of reminders that come up and they can be really nagging sometimes.  Also, the graffiti feature is pretty much a useless feature because it isn’t very accurate.  There is also no speech to text option for the app.  Other than that it isn’t a bad way to go to try a new way of texting.

This utility app has been given a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and there is a free version that you can download in order to try it out and see if you like it.

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