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The PrankDial Android app is a great way to spend some time pranking your friends and have a good laugh about it later.  One of the best things about the app is that it will actually record the call so that you can share it with all of your friends when you are done.



  • This comedy app allows you to go ahead an pick what friends you want to prank no matter where you may be
  • This app has a few really cool features, including the ability to choose from a library of a bunch of different prank calls.  You can have a gay telemarketer call your friend, someone that has lost their paper, and much more
  • Once you have decided who you want to prank you simple enter in the contact number and then press record so that your call is recorded and you can listen to it once the prank has happened
  • If the prank turns out to be a big success then you can actually share your prank with your other friends and family and all laugh at your friend’s expense
  • You can login to your account with a token ID so you get access to even more features
  • You can change your caller ID so that your friend has no idea that it is you that is doing the prank to them
  • You can sort through the pranks by choosing either the popular ones, the new ones, the annoying ones, the songs and movies ones, and many more
  • This app is integrated with social networking sites so you can share it through Twitter or Facebook


This is a funny app that you can use to prank all of your best friends.  It actually does a great job of completing the pranks.  You will simply give the contact number and then record the call and then the app will prank your friends.  There is one main problem with the app though, you can’t actually listen to the prank as it is going on.  You have to wait until the prank is over for you to be able to go to the playback and be able to hear what went down when the app called your friend.  Also, if you are the one getting pranked you can’t actually record the call.  Other than these little things though, it is a pretty funny app and you can have some real fun with it.

This app was given a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and can initially be downloaded for free but then you can pay money to get more and more tokens to do more prank calls.

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