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The Pinball Android app was the very first pinball game to come out for the Android and they did a pretty good job on it.  The key to the game is to keep the ball alive on the screen without it falling down into any of the holes.  You can hit certain targets to get a higher score and also to complete missions.  There is also an online high score list that you can check to see where you rank.



  • This is a classic pinball game that has been adapted to the Android interface.  You will be able to play on a screen that resembles all of the cool features that the Android operating system offers
  • This game has some pretty intuitive controls that are fairly easy to use.  All you have to do is control the flips of the little levers with the buttons that are on the touch screen
  • You can set the controls in the options tab to be able to personalize and customize it to how you like it.  Also you can just pick the default touchscreen so that the controls flip again
  • The controls are easy.  To use the left you only have to press the call button.  To use the right and the plunger then press the back button, to be able to get to the menu then just press the menu button, and in order to pause the game just touch the screen
  • Overall, this is a great little time waster to have on hand.  You can spend hours just hitting the little ball around trying to rack up your high score.  The more you play, the easier it is to start getting higher scores
  • There is also an online list of the best pinballers in the business so you can check that frequently to see kind of where you rank among the best players
  • This is very similar to the pinball version that you could play with Windows XP when it first came out


This is the very first pinball game that came out for the Android.  It is already a classic and how can you go wrong with a Pinball game?  It is fairly fun and highlights a lot of the main features of why Android is so cool.  The app is also free to download onto your phone and you won’t have to worry about paying anything.  The app has been given a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars by critics and users alike.

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