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The Phone Halo Protect Android app is a great way for you to keep track of your most valuable items and make sure that you don’t permanently lose them.  You can integrate this app with Bluetooth technology so that you can actually cause your items to vibrate and ring when they get lost.  Also, there is a GPS function where if you lose your phone the app will remember the last place that it was and take a GPS snapshot so that it does not drain your battery.  That way you can recover the items without having to worry about never finding it again.  Also, there is a passcode function that you can turn on to protect personal info.



  • The Phone Halo app is a pretty intuitive way for you to be able to find your phone, your purse, your keys, or any other kind of valuable item that has been lost
  • This is a great way to make sure that you never lose things that would be detrimental if they disappeared.  You can prevent valuables from being lost
  • One of the nice things is that it does use GPS to help you find stuff but it only takes snapshots with the GPS.  That way you are not continually draining your battery when using the app
  • While using the Bluetooth leash you will be able to make your items vibrate and ring while the chimes of the device have been alerted
  • The app will actually mark the very last place that you left your phone over GPS so that you can try and track it if you accidentally lose it while on the go
  • There is also a passcode option that you can use so that no one else can get into your personal information and mess with it


Overall, this isn’t a bad app.  In fact it is actually very very good in all of the features that it offers.  As with anything though, it does have its shortcomings.  For one, it could be fixed to have a better integration with the bluetooth device to your phone.  Also, when you are using the app you will actually have no idea what the charge level is for the Bluetooth Device.

This app has been given a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.  That is a pretty good rating for the nature of this app.  It is also free for you to download off of the Android app marketplace.

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