MixZing Media Player Android app Review


In the MixZing Media Player Android app you will have access to thousands of songs as well as some cool features that will make this the premiere media player for your mobile phone.



  • This media player is probably the most advanced of any of the other players that are available on the Android market
  • One of the cool features in the app is the Mood Player which allows you to pick a certain type of song and then the MixZing player will go through your music and play other songs that are very similar
  • There are also some cool widgets that you can get for both your home-screen as well as for you lock screen that have have art on all of the music albums
  • There is also an MP3 tag editor that you can play around with to tag different songs
  • One of the coolest things about the app is that it will automatically find missing album art so that you can have the artwork for most of your albums
  • The app will also recommend new music for you based on the other music that you have on there already
  • You can also get information on a lot of the artists as well as some videos and photos of them
  • You can also do some browsing either by videos or even by genre
  • If you upgrade to the pro version you will also get a total of ten free music downloads that you can use.  That pretty much makes up for the price right there


This is a super cool media player that plays both music and videos for the Android.  One of the coolest things about the app is that it has Pandora-like technology that will allow you to play similar music that is located in your music library.  The app will also let you play little snippets of all kinds of different songs that are located on Rhapsody Music.  You can also create playlists, turn music into ringtones, and you can even download the album art for the different music that you have.  The only gripes that are associated with this app is the fact there is all the ads in the free version.  But that is why they have the Pro version that you can upgrade to in order to get rid of that annoying fact.

This app has been given a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and currently costs $6.99 to download onto your Android phone.

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