Layar Reality Browser Android app Review


The Layar Reality Browser Android app is an ingenious way to be able to point your phone in any certain direction and then see historical landmarks, popular entertainment venues, or houses for sale in that direction.  The app uses digital information over the top of real time viewing to make the entire process possible.  This is not only a useful app, it also is very impressive with how it was designed and the things that it can accomplish.



  • The main thing that this browser does is that it uses some pretty advanced technology to be able to display some digital information in real time.  It does this by using the camera screen that is built into the phone to merge both digital and real information
  • All you have to do is use the camera’s lens to be able to see certain things you are looking for, such as houses for sale, popular entertainment venues, tourist info, historical landmarks and so much more
  • You can also see different shops, tourist information, as well as play a live game using the nifty little camera
  • This is as super fun way to be able to find out information and then interact with it on a digital as well as a real level
  • There are a lot of different plugins that you can find for the app to make it a more enjoyable experience
  • You can get plugins for local searches, for Wikipedia, for Flickr and Flickr Photos, for Brightkite, Tweetmondo, Yelp, and many others


There are some pretty cool WOW factor components to this app.  For one, you can just turn the app in any certain direction and it will actually show you things like historical landmarks right on your screen.  Once you have done that you can actually learn more about each of these landmarks.  You can also locate the nearby tweeps as well as find a certain house.  There are even games you can play.  Just a super cool idea to integrate and augment reality using the phone’s camera and ability to find locations.  The only gripes about this app is that it can be a little bit laggy at times as well as sometimes when you are trying to search for really obvious stuff it won’t even pull up.

This app has gotten decent reviews but nothing spectacular.  It actually has been given a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars and the nice thing is that it can be downloaded for free.

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