Impossible Level Game Android app Review


In the Impossible Level Game Android app you will have to outsmart some incredibly hard questions in order to move on and complete the game.  This games will keep your mind reeling as you try to figure out seemingly simple questions.



  • This is quite possibly the most challenging puzzle game for Android.  Most of the levels will completely blow your mind and you will struggle to move on to the next level
  • This gaming app has over 30 different levels that you can try and outsmart and pass in order to keep moving on and be the smartest person alive.  The main thing you have to remember about this game is that each level is a riddle in and of itself
  • If you get stuck in the game you might just want to take a few minutes to relax, breathe out the stress, and then tackle it again later with a fresh attitude.  You have to think outside the box for most of these
  • There is also a time attack mode that you can play in to see how quickly you can answer questions.  This is a fun way to spice things up
  • The graphics are kind of cheesy but that is kind of the point.  The game tries to discourage you from being able to beat it and move on in the game
  • Many of the questions seem super easy at first glance but you will quickly realize that they are not so easy and you may have to think about it for hours before you get it


Who doesn’t like a good puzzle game?  This is one of the most difficult and brain puzzling apps out on the market today.  One of the things that is so appealing about this app is just how simple it is.  You are given impossible questions to answer that seem like they should be incredibly easy to figure out.  You have to try and just make it to the next level if that is even possible.  The only thing about this app is that the graphics are pretty horrible.  They are almost kind of annoying to be honest.  It does fit the premise of the game to kind of frustrate you and make you give up but they can get really old after a while.  Other than that, this is a pretty sweet little app to try and figure out.

This app has been rated and given 4.2 out of 5 stars by critics and users.  The app is also free to download off of the Android Market or there are other market tools you can use to get a discount on the full version.

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