First Aid Android app Review


In the First Aid Android app you will be able to have all the resources you need to take care of any first aid emergency around the home or at work.  This way you won’t panic when a situation happens but you will be able to take care of it instead.  You will have access to videos, pictures, and step by step procedures on a variety of different situations.

First Aid


  • This is a quality first aid app that can help you to know how to deal with situations that involve accidents or bleeding.  This app gives detailed instructions on how to handle different matters that you may encounter
  • There are a lot of different illustrations that you can look at on this app to be able to see how to perform each and every action that is shown here
  • There are also some videos that you can watch as well as some short paragraphs on each step that is necessary
  • Some of the additional features that are include are an SMS part, an emergency call section, and also a my kit section
  • You can test what you actually know about immediate first aid so that you are prepared when the situation comes up
  • You can get step by step instructions and solutions for all of your first aid needs
  • You can also create a log of a variety of different emergency phone numbers so you always have a way to contact someone in case of an emergency


This is a great reference app for people to be able to know how to handle an emergency situation.  This way you can make sure that you keep your friends and family safe from harm or accident.  There are a few issues with this app though.  There is no section that teaches how to deal with infants or kids.  This could possibly be the most important part of the app because kids are a delicate matter and it would be smart to know how to deal with those kinds of issues.  Also there are a few errors in spelling on the app that are actually kind of tacky.  You would think they would have gone through the app and fixed little stuff like that.

This app has received great ratings since it was first released and it currently has been given a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users that have used and tried it out.  The app is currently free for you to download off of the app market.

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