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The FeedSquares app is one of the best RSS feed readers that are available for the Android.  It will sync all of your feeds and then let you easily scroll between them to get to the information that you are interested in.  You will be able to see little image icons for each of them and they will be organized in little rectangles on your screen.  You can also share things through email with friends and also access the Google Reader service.



  • This Android app is an Atom/RSS reader that allows you to enjoy your favorite feeds and do it on an easy to look at reader.   It is very colored and also has a slick design to it
  • This app will take all of your RSS feed subscriptions and then synchronize them so that you can see all of the read/star statuses
  • You can also view the lightweight listing of different feeds and they will also come along with some image previews for you to look at
  • Last of all this app also lets you share to the Google Reader as well as with other platforms
  • Although the app says you can only log into a Google Reader account as long as it ends in gmail.com, it actually accepts all Google accounts which is a really nice feature
  • You will notice that each of the feed that you have subscribed to will be put into the app as separate rectangles and then you can actually just swipe through each of them until you find one that you like
  • You also have the option to save different feeds as favorites as well as mark the shared in the Google Reader part
  • You can read links to different websites and also read entire articles or columns that you come across
  • Overall a great way to view all of your RSS feeds without having to worry about stupid bugs and crappy navigation


The FeedSquares app basically pulls all of your favorite RSS feeds from your Google account and lets you view them.  It is very simple by nature but seems to get the job done.  It is easy to navigate through and really just an easier way to access all of these feeds all from your mobile phone.  This is a great tool for anyone that has some of their favorite blog sites or websites that they want to keep track of.  This will download the meat of the content and let you pick between as many as you would like.

This app was given a 4 star rating by other Android app users and it is currently free to download.

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