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Have you ever had a question or an issue that you needed to bring up with a company but had to jump through hoops with an automated voice prompt system that just made you so frustrated that you wanted to quit?  Everyone has had this happen a time or two before and you know how annoying it can be.  With the introduction of the Dial Zero Android app you can get customer service numbers for over 600 different companies and you can learn tips on how to quickly get through the prompts and talk to a real person. This way you can get your problem solved quickly and efficiently without having to deal with all the stupid manuals and number pressing.



  • This is a neat app that makes customer service that much easier.  You can retrieve customer service numbers for hundreds of companies (over 600 at least)
  • Another nice thing is that you will get tips on how to get through all of the bs that most customer service providers put you through
  • You can also learn simple business strategies in order to be able to get refunds on products, cancel your account, and even to get through the voice prompts and speak to a real person
  • Once you install the app onto your phone you will be asked to install a program called Moov which is supposed to help with speed as well as efficiency
  • This Moov add on allows you to search better for things on Wikipedia, Yelp, Facebook and much more
  • Overall, a great way for you to be able to handle all of your customer service needs without getting frustrated and giving up


This is a clever app that is geared towards letting you know information about individual companies without having to jump through all of the hoops that they normally put you through.  This is your own personal phone operator to help you retrieve important information without being on hold for days at a time.   There are a few bugs with this app, however, and they include things like the fact that if you access more than just the database of numbers for customer service then you run the risk of getting tons of spam on your phone.  You just gotta be careful with the stuff you download off of it.

This Android app has been given a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars and also can be downloaded off of the app marketplace for free.

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