CrossBomb Android app Review


In the CrossBomb Android app you will have to take a spin-off of the Minesweeper game and see if you can guess where all of the mines are located.



  • In this game you will have to find all of the bombs that are located around the game board.  You have to try and identify as many as you can as quickly as you can to get the biggest score
  • There are over 40 different levels that you can play in and try to beat.  This offers a lot of variety and allows you to try your hand at different setups
  • There are also a few different difficulty levels that you can pick from in order to match your skill level or stretch you to see how good you are.  There are a total of 3 different levels of difficulty
  • You will also find that there are 2 different gameplay modes that you can participate in.  This is nice because it gives you a little bit of variety when you are playing the game
  • This game is really just a port of the famous and popular game Minesweeper on the PC.  You will have to guess where all of the mines are and try to eliminate all of the other squares to be able to uncover the whole board
  • If you guess wrong on where a bomb is then you will get blown up and you will have to start it all over.  So make sure that you carefully pick all of your guesses and clicks
  • The difference to this game is that instead of it being a rectangle board, you will have to play in a crossword type board


This app has been inspired by the likes of Minesweeper and lives up to being a classic puzzle game for people who are looking for something to do that will help them waste time here and there.  This game has a quite a bit of variety with the 40 different levels as well as the difficulty levels that can be chosen.  This is also a spin-off of the popular PC game and has been created for the mobile market.  There are also a couple of different gameplay modes as well as a lot of strategy that is required.  Granted, the graphics are not the best and the game can get a bit old after a while but for the most part it is a fun game that you can play here and there in order to help you keep your mind stimulated.

This app has been given a rating of 3.25 out of 5 stars.  Although the game hasn’t gotten the best reviews it still is a classic puzzle game and will offer some fun.  You can buy the app off of the android marketplace for $1.99.

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