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In the Alchemy Android app you will have the opportunity to create hundreds of different elements by combining certain elements together.  It is fun to be able to mix all of these different elements and see what pops out of the creation chamber.  You will find that there are over 200 different elements that have been discovered so far and there are sure to be more updates coming that will allow you to make even more of them as well.



  • This Alchemy game is super simple so it is easy for anyone to be able to pick up and play.  It appeals to gamers of all ages and you can be as creative as you want to be
  • In this app you will only have four basic elements to work with.  These are Fire, Earth, Air, and also Water
  • As you take these four elements and combine them you can get more than 100 new elements.  These include things such as beer and wine to vampires, to skyscrapers, and even more cool stuff
  • This app is a fun puzzle game but as you play it and create more elements it can become incredibly addictive
  • You will have to take the elements and drop these elements into each other to create a lot of new ones.  For instance you can combine air and fire to create energy
  • You can start mixing the new resulted elements with each other to start creating even more elements that you can pick from
  • There is a grand total of 200 different element combinations that can be created.  But that is just all the ones that have been discovered up to date
  • Alchemy has their own website that you can check out in order to get even more combinations for the elements to give you some help


This game is super simple but it is also a ton of fun.  You will find that it is very addicting to play as you go through each of the different actions.  There are over 200 different elements to create and you will have to rack your brain to be able to come up with the right combinations to be able to complete them all.

This app has been given a rating of 4.35 out of 5 stars by people who have downloaded the app and actually checked it out.  This app is also completely free for you to download onto your Android phone off of the marketplace.

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