WaveSecure Mobile Security Android app Review


The WaveSecure Mobile Security Android app allows you to backup all of your contacts, SMS messaging, call logs, and media all onto one secure server.  This is great so that you can get all of your information back if you ever lose your phone or if it was stolen.  There are also phone lock options and swipe options to help keep your private information safe.



  • This is much more than just an anti-theft app, in fact it helps you to protect your data, phone, and privacy details just in case you were to lose the phone during your busy activities of day-to-day life
  • You are able to use this app to track any changes that might occur in your SIM and you can also lock the phone, back up all of the information on it, and even wipe data and then restore it for later use
  • There is a secure site that you can use to be able to find your phone if you have by chance lost it
  • WaveSecure allows you to backup the information on your phone every single day.  This includes backups of your contacts, your SMS text messaging, and also any call logs that you think are important
  • It only does this secure backup while it is charging so that it won’t kill your battery while it is trying to back everything up.  It is very smart in the way that it completes its processes
  • You can also backup all of your media including any audio recordings, any video footage, and also all of your pictures that are in your gallery
  • If you get a new system update it will temporarily reformat your phone so all you have to do is just re-download the app and all of your information will come back up
  • Use www.wavesecure.com in order to find your phone if you have lost it
  • It also protects against anyone trying to swap out your SIM card if they steal your phone from you


It is important to have some sort of phone back up app because you never know what can happen.  You could lose your phone tomorrow and have it get stolen by someone that wants all of your personal information.  This app has a bunch of cool features that allow you to backup the phone and protect it against people who would do you harm.  The only really bad part about this app is that it costs 20 bucks a year to keep running.  Kind of like an insurance plan on all of your contact information.   If you use your phone enough then this is probably worth it to you.

Voted 4.8 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently  costs $19.90 to download.

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