Vampires Live Android app Review


In the Vampires Live Android app you will start out as a new vampire looking to move up the ladder.  You will have to collect blood and loyalty points by defeating other clans and turning animals and humans into your slaves.  Get in on the supernatural action and download the app today!


  • In this app you will start as a beginner vampire and you will have to work the system to become one of the most powerful vampires in all the land!
  • One of the main features of this app is its multiplayer mode that you can take part in.  You can play with over 2.5 million gamers who are also playing the game
  • The gameplay of this game is extremely addictive and you will always be working to get stronger and move up on the political vampire ladder
  • Because of all of the opportunities to progress in the game, it offers a ton of replay value as you try an move to the top of the chain
  • You can either  play against Vampire Live strangers in the multiplayer mode or you can specifically invite people that you know to play
  • This is another fantasy role playing game that has been developed by Storm 8.  While they all have similar controls an objectives, they are each unique to their own genre to help appeal to different gamers
  • You will have to learn supernatural abilities in this game ans also turn people and animals into your slaves
  • You will have to attack other Vampire clans to be able to build your own clan and get blood and loyalty points
  • You will have to watch your frenzy, health, and energy levels and when they start to get low you can go to The Elders and show your loyalty to get them all refilled
  • You can get a daily bonus every single day that you play so that you can play in and beat more missions
  • You can either use your blood and loyalty points to boost your attack or use it to bolster your defense


Obviously since there have been so many of these games created, you know that they are popular and that they fulfill their purpose.  The only downside to this game is that it isn’t very intuitive and even though they switch genres, it still is the exact same game.  They need a few things in the gameplay that set each game apart from each other.  Either way, it still is an addicting game and you can’t go wrong by downloading it and checking it out.

The Vampires Live Android app was voted 4.1 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently can be downloaded off of the Android market for free.

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