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How many times have you been with your buddies and wanted to go out to eat but nobody can think of a place or every place that you bring up gets shot down?  Well now you can leave it to your built in GPS to make the decision for you.  in the Urbanspoon app all you have to do is just shake it in order to turn it into a restaurant finder.  This is a great way to get multiple choices of places to go at any price level.  You can also get addresses, phone numbers, and consumer reviews on each restaurant.


  • This is the perfect companion for you and your friends when no one can decide on a place to eat.  Forget taking the blame if nobody likes the place you went to, now you can only blame chance itself
  • Int his app you will have a few different things that you can control and change in order to find the right restaurant to eat at
  • You will have to pick the location or area that you would like to search for different restaurants at
  • Once you have picked a certain area or location you can then pick what kind of food that you are aching for (whether it be Italian, Mexican, American, Thai, Japanese, or any others)
  • Last of all you can decide how much money you are willing to spend.  You can choose from inexpensive to medium to really expensive places
  • If you are truly indecisive and don’t really care about any of those categories then just leave them all on random and just shake the phone until you find a restaurant that looks appealing for you to try
  • This app is available to people in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada
  • You can also get information on every restaurant that it brings up including the address the phone number and more
  • You can also get user reviews on how the food tastes and if it was worth going to.  You can also get a peek at the menu beforehand
  • This app can only be used with phones that have the Android 2.0 operating system  or higher
  • You can also search for restaurants by either using the voice search function or just by typing it in through text


This is one of the best restaurant recommendation apps out on the market today.  It is very simple and it gives you kind of a gun slinger mentality as you are trying to find a good place to eat.  Just get it and shake it and leave it to the fates to pick where you should eat.  No more do  you have to all sit around for forever and wait for someone to pick a restaurant that they want to go to.

The app has been voted 4.3 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is currently free to download right onto your mobile phone.

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