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The official Twitter Android app is out and ready to be utilized by all of the fans of the popular site.  You can Tweet, Retweet, and follow whoever you would like right from your phone.  This app allows you to take advantage of its full range of features without you being limited.  It also has full integration between the site and the contacts on your phone.



  • This is the premier app for the popular social networking site
  • This app allows you to do real-time searches and will also show you topics that are hot right now
  • The app also will show you maps that show you everything that is going on nearby and around you
  • Through this app you can tweet whenever you feel the need and you can also send DM’s.  On top of that you will be able to share any photos that you would like, or any videos that you think other people would find interesting.
  • You can also share any links that you find with your friends and family over the site
  • If you don’t currently have Twitter then you can always sign up for it over the app as well.  You can create an account and manage it all from your mobile phone
  • You have deeper integration with all of your contacts so that you can add Twitter photos to each of their profiles as well as their current tweets
  • You can Tweet, Retweet, unfollow, follow, mention, reply, direct message anyone, trend, list, search, upload photos, and also view the geo-location tool that is available on this version
  • You can set the app to frequently update you with other tweets of people you are following
  • You can access the full amount of Twitter features all from your cellular device


The good part about this app is that it is the official Twitter app for the Android app and offers a full amount of features.  The bad parts about it are that it can only be accessed by Android phones that are 2.0 and above.  Also, you can’t have multiple accounts from your phone.  One and done.  Another thing is that the navigation isn’t that great and it downloads all information onto the internal memory storage of the phone.  The worst part of the app is that it takes forever to load data.

Voted 3.74 out of 5 stars.  This is a free app that you can download off of the app market that is provided by Android.

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