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Tweeting is all the rage these days.  It is all about getting you feelings, moods, and thoughts down in short little segments.  This app is the perfect way to send out tweets from your mobile phone without having to type them in.  The Twitoc Android app allows you to just talk into the app and have it create the Tweet for you.  It uses Google’s speech-to-text engine and as long as you speak clearly and keep your message short, you shouldn’t have any problem getting it accurate on the phone.  Plus, once you have said your thoughts you can then check to make sure it is accurate before you send it off.



  • This is a pretty cool widget that you can use on your mobile phone to send tweets only by using your voice to do it
  • This is an application that is based completely on a widget and it uses the Google Voice Recognition technology in order to send out the tweets having only heard your voice
  • You need to have Android Firmware that is 2.1 or above in order to run this widget and have it actually work
  • The app will pick up your voice tweets only if you speak very clearly, have shorter tweets, and you have to be creative with it
  • This is one of the best ways to accomplish a hands-free approach to Tweeting rather than than the texting alternative
  • Once you have spoken into the phone you can look into your phone to see if it was accurate before you send it out
  • To get the best results you should hold the phone up to your ear as if you were having a conversation with someone and it will usually always get accurate information on what you said


Overall, a hands free way of tweeting is a genius idea.  However, this app just doesn’t quite have it all down yet.  A few of the problems are first of all the fact that it uses the Google Speech-To-Text engine.  Although this is usually 97% accurate it would seem smart to have used Nuance’s engine instead.  Also, there is no character counter in the app so you really have no idea if what you said was too many characters or not until you try to send it.  These are just a few of the gripes that consumers have had with this app and hopefully the developers can go back and fix some of these problems.

This app has been voted 3.4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and can be downloaded off of the app marketplace for free.

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