Skyfire Mobile Browser Android app Review


The Skyfire Mobile Browser Android app is probably the hottest browsing app on the market.  Enjoy the features of the Skybar and spend hours watching Flash videos right from your mobile phone!



  • The skyfire browser is one of the most popular browsing apps out there and it features a bunch of new things including the skybar: this little option lets you play any kind of flash video as well as letting you explore new content and share this content socially over the browser
  • Most mobile web browsers will not play Flash Videos so the fact that this little app can is a huge deal
  • You can also download the complete desktop webpages onto your phone so you are not missing out on anything.  If you choose not to do this you can still see the optimized websites for mobile devices
  • This app also lets you multi-task online.  You can have up to 8 windows open at a time and you can also toggle between them very simply
  • There are some zoom features on this browser as well, including the pinch to zoom feature that has been updated on Android 2.0 devices and higher
  • If you want to keep your browsing a secret you can always clear the session history so that no one can see what sites you visited.  This helps you keep a sense of anonymity
  • You can also use the bookmarks option, the downloads option, the copy and paste option, the find on page option, and report any broken videos that you may come across
  • The video function on the skybar lets you find any flash videos that are out there and puts them in a pop up window so that it can play it for you
  • The explore function on the skybar lets you look for some of the hottest online topics and helps to sort between things you have already searched and other channels that you have created
  • The share function lets you share things either through email or any other social app that you have downloaded onto your mobile phone


Hands down the coolest part of this app is the ability to view Flash videos.  Finally!  You can see any webpage in all of it’s glory and zoom in with the pinch function to get greater detail.  There are a few gripes that users have had with the app however, including the fact that it claims to have super boost in browsing speed but it just isn’t there.  Also some of the Flash Videos that you come across will have a note that tells you to install adobe flash.  You also can’t voice search.  Overall though, a pretty cool app.

Voted 4.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users and you can download and access this app for free off the Android app market.

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