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The RemoteDroid Android app is a great way to turn your phone into a mouse and keyboard that is entirely wireless!  As long as you have some kind of connection to the internet you will find uses for this app on your phone.  It will turn into a touchpad and uses the standard keyboard so it is easy to pick up and start using.



  • This app essentially turns your mobile device into a wireless mouse and keyboard, using a local wireless internet connection
  • This app also has multi-touch gestures and also soft key support that is better than most of the other apps that are out there
  • All you need to do is once you are by your computer, go to the site and download the server program and run it.  Once the server software has been installed, th info will come up on your phone and you can set it up
  • Once you have opened the app on your phone then you should just put in the IP address into the pop up and then click connect!
  • You can use the screen of your Android phone as a touchpad so that you can navigate around on it.  You will see little blocks on the bottom right and on the bottom left
  • You can pick the speed of your taps and also the sensitivity of the cursor under the preferences tab so that you can make comfortable settings for yourself
  • You have features on the keyboard as well including the ability to use the track ball as CTRL and also to use the Menu button as the escape key
  • The keyboard just uses the standard keyboard that comes with the Android so that you will already be comfortable with its interface and not have to learn an entirely new one
  • The app is always changing and there are sure to be added updates to make the app even better and more user friendly to those that have downloaded it


Not a bad app.  Fairly easy to use and it will help you get all of your wireless keyboard needs out of the way.  It is especially great if you hook your computer up to your tv to watch streaming videos.  That way you can control it all from the couch like a remote.  The only downsides to this app are that there is no ability to browse and play the media files while being remotely away but they will probably add something like that in the future.  Also the battery gets drained pretty good by this app since the screen has to remain on the entire time that you are using it to control things remotely.

Voted 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is currently free for any Android user to download off of the app market.

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