Racing Live Android app Review


In the Racing Live Android app you will take the place of a lowly street racer and you will have to earn the prestige of the racers around you by beefing up cars, investing money, and winning races.  This is a fun role playing game that will have you playing for hours.


  • This is a popular iPhone app that has made its way to the Android market.  We may not always love that they were on the iPhone first, but hey, we will take what we can get
  • In this game you will start out as a beginner and you will have to prove yourself on the street to be able to become the top racer in the area
  • This game offers a huge multiplayer forum where you can join over 4 million other players that have downloaded the game and are continuing to play.  If you have access to an internet connection either through the 3G network, wifi, or bluetooth, then you canplay against other players live
  • The gameplay in this game is really easy to pick up on and the game is just loaded with additional features to add to the already exciting racing world that you are placed in
  • The replay value of the game is incredible.  You will find yourself playing the game for hours trying to strategically move up the political racing ladder
  • With the multiplayer mode you can either play against people that you meet online or you can actually invite friends to come play with you
  • This game takes  a fun role play approach as you start as a kid off the streets and beef up your cars to move up in the racing world.  While you may not actually do any 3D arcade racing, you will love how addictive the game is under this setting
  • You will have to use your cash wisely to invest in the city to be able to get cooler and faster cars.  As you do this you will gain prestige points that you can use
  • You will have to keep an eye on your integrity, fuel, and focus.  In order to fill up these stats you have to go to the Agent and he will give you these things in exchange for prestige points


The only let down to this game is that it is not actually a racing app.  If you download it thinking that, then you might not be happy about it.  This is a role playing game that uses the street racing world as the backdrop for its levels.   You are trying to work  your way up to becoming the King of the Streets by investing money, buying fast cars, and “racing” them against other players to win prestige points.  While it is highly addicting, it is not a racing app.

This role playing was given 4.2 stars.  It is completely free to download off of the Android app market and is worth a look.

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