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The PostBot Android app is a tool where you can access your WordPress blogs remotely.  You can post blogs and a picture onto your site and categorize it from any place and at any time only using your phone.



  • Essentially this is a mobile WordPress editor so that you can add posts and comments straight from your mobile device
  • You can add pictures from your phone and post them with the use of this little editinga app for WordPress sites
  • This app is meant for people that want to post quick blogs onto their sites and maybe add a single picture.  This isn’t a detailed app for in-depth post editing like you would find on a computer app
  • The app is streamlined so it makes it extremely easy to use and navigate so that posting quick blogs is simple and hassle free.  It does not however have a ton of features for you to use with it
  • This app is more focused at the casual blogger in today’s society rather than the professional blog authore
  • You only need to know the web address for your WordPress site in order to get started.  Once you have entered that information then the only follow up info you will need is your username and password for that site
  • You also have the option to categorize your post once you have put it on there so that you can keep your categories clean and concise
  • This app will also automatically update your categories that are already listed onto your blog site on WordPress


These days there aren’t too many casual bloggers.  And if you are one, then it is probably a good idea to move up to the “professional” status so that you can get some recognition and start getting traffic to your site.  This app is ok if all you care about is getting some words and a picture up onto your app, however, there are not enough features and bells and whistles for this app to be very impressive.  You can’t add meta tags, adsense, or customize any other parts of the post.  You can’t format the text at all (that means no bold or italics!) and you can only have one single blog open at any time.  Also, you can’t go back and edit any of the apps that you have already drafted on there.

This little Android app only got a 2.5 out of 5 star rating by other Android app users.  One of the nice things about the app is that it is actually free to download onto your mobile phone.

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