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In the NYTimes Android app you will be able to read award winning journalism that is backed up by the option to watch related videos.  This app is great because you can read stuff offline as well as share interesting stories with friends and family over SMS text messaging and email.



  • This is a great news app where you can have all of the great journalist entries from the New York Times right on your mobile phone.  Many of the journalists that write for this editorial have won many awards and you will find some of the best publications around
  • This app is completely free which is a great perk for those people that love these kinds of news apps
  • This app has some pretty unique features and it utilizes all of the technology of the Android and is formatted to fit the phone perfectly
  • On the NYTimes app you will be able to watch video displays right on your phone to be able to add to the text that has been created for each story
  • You can also use a variety of different sharing tools on the phone so that if you find a certain article or video that you find interesting you can send it to friends and family to check out
  • One of the other nice features about this app is that there is an offline reading option where you can continue to read articles that you have tagged without having an active connection to the internet
  • To make the articles easier to read, you also have the ability to adjust the size of the font so that it suits your eyes
  • The app also includes a 4 x 1 widget for the home screen
  • Use the phone’s menu button to be able to access different topic sections and the app becomes really easy to navigate


This is a cool little news app and has the one up on the iPhone because this version includes video that you can watch.  The only bad thing about the videos is that they don’t always come in very clear.  Sometimes it is extremely pixelated and it makes you wonder what is even going on in the video.  Also, when it comes to navigation you will want to stick with just using the menu button because the window-shade pull down doesn’t really work that well and is more frustrating than helpful.

This app has been rated 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently can be downloaded off of the Android app market for free.

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