My Maps Editor by Google Android app Review


With the My Maps Editor by Google Android app you will be able to add all kinds of points to a map and really personalize it so that you can share it with others publicly or privately.  You’ll have the option of adding photos, notes, and much more.



  • This editing app allows you to create, share, edit, and also look at different maps that have been personalize on your Android phone
  • It has a great deal of functionality when it comes to editing and offers options for lines, shapes, certain types of markers, and the ability to put your location on the map with the built in GPS that is on your phone.  You can also attach photos on there right from your mobile device
  • On the maps you are able to plot a bunch of different points.  This feature could be great for a company trying to point out locations to a customer or to anyone that is going on vacation and wants to plot out everywhere they would like to go  while they are there
  • You have the option to set your map as public so that it can come up when people search on Google Maps
  • You can also toggle the mode and make the map private so that it is only available through a link that you can send to friends and family
  • The way you mark a location, add a picture, or edit an address, is simply by using one click.  You can also add markers, lines, and shapes using this method as well
  • You have the ability to jump to any certain point that is located on the map
  • Once you have created your points you can switch to it and edit it very easily.  You can upload things like pictures, webpages, and any information or notes that you would like
  • There are a few different viewing modes that you can jump between in order to view your map.  These include the standard map mode and the satellite mode
  • You can use the drag features to move the map and see what is around it
  • Utilizes your connection to the internet as well as your built in GPS on your phone


While this app could possibly have many more applications, it runs short of a lot of expectations by not offering a few simple things.  For one, why have a map app without any way of navigating to the points?  This app is nice because you can plot out areas on your map you would like to go but then there is no navigation feature to guide you there!  Also, the information on photos or webpages you provide on the app don’t tie directly into Google or add any pertinent information.  While it is a good app for showing people where on a map something is, it needs some sort of navigation system to be able to really be worth it.

This Android app has gotten decent reviews and averages a 3 out of 5 star rating by popular sites.  The app is completely free to download off of the Android app market.

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