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How many times have you been sitting around bored and the thought crosses your mind to go to a movie!  This is the perfect companion for when those moments arrive.  This app allows you to quickly see what is playing at your local theater as well as what movies are coming out in the near future.  Great movie app to have on hand.



  • This has largely been considered the number one app for both Facebook and the iPhone and it has now made its debut onto the Android
  • You can get showtimes for all of the movies that are just coming out and see what theaters it is playing in
  • You can get info for the top box office DVD’s as well as for the blockbuster movies that have just come out
  • One of the great parts about this app is that it is integrated with rotten tomatoes so that you can get reviews on all of the movies you are going to see before you actually see them
  • You can search by movies or by theater.  It will automatically bring up theaters that are in your area and you can click on each theater and bring up what movies are playing there
  • There are a few different options that you can choose from including the Box Office tab, the Upcoming tab, and the DVD tab
  • You can also get information from the IMDB as well
  • Another cool feature is that you can watch a lot of high quality trailers for movies right from your phone.  This allows you to get a sneak preview before you actually go and see the film
  • If you don’t want to get theaters that are close by your location you can also get it to search in other locations


This really is the best movie showtime app out there for the mobile market.  It is extremely easy to navigate through and it is just so simple to use.  You can either search by movie or you can search by theater to be able to see what is available.  You will love the different tabs that are available as well.  You can see hot Box Office movies or you can see the upcoming ones.  You can also see movies that have just made it to DVD.  Lastly, you can also see reviews for the movies from Rotten Tomatoes.

This app has been voted 4.3 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently can be downloaded off of the app market for free.

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