iTranslate Android app Review


The iTranslate Android app is a great way for you to translate any word or phrase into over 50 different languages.  This app is powered by Google Translator and does a great job of giving you an easy to navigate page and quality results.



  • This app is actually a completely universal translator that you can use on the Android operating system.  It allows you to translate a variety of different languages right from your phone
  • This app contains over 50 different languages that you can pick from.  It will translate either words, sentences or phrases that you have in there and it will do it into all 50 languages if you like
  • Once you have done the translation all you do is just pick which language you would like it to display the translation in
  • The design of the app is extremely easy to use and it is beautiful to look at
  • You can also change the sizes and looks of the fonts so that they are easier to read once you have translated the words
  • This app was made by the exact same developers that created the iTranslate app for the iPhone
  • Once you have translated a part of text then you have the option to be able to email it to any of the contacts in your phone so that you can share all of your information
  • This translation engine is actually powered by the Google Translate technology so that means you know it is legit
  • If you press the menu button then you can actually send the translation to your SMS text messaging as well
  • You can also easily search for other apps that have been created by the same developers


The iPhone version of this app was wildly popular so it makes sense that this one would take off too.  The only problems with this app is that it doesn’t have a ton of features.  This app would be a lot better if you could talk into the app and then let it do the translation for you rather than you having to type it in every time you want to translate something.  Also you can only type in stuff in English to be translated, you couldn’t write anything in French and have it be translated into English.  Is totally one way.

Voted 3.6 out of 5 stars by other users that have tried out this Android app.  The app is also completely free for Android users to get on and download onto their phones.

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