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This is a free app that allows you to back up all of your information and to find your phone if it gets lost or stolen.  It even has the ability to remotely lock your keys if you think someone has stolen the phone.  The iTag Android app is an inexpensive way to ensure that your information stays intact and that you always know where your smartphone is.



  • One of the best parts about the iTag app is that it is a free service that you can take advantage of
  • This is a way that you can find your phone if it is ever lost or stolen by someone else
  • You can view the exact location of your phone using the built in GPS, and if you just lost it in your house then you can actually make it ring so that you can hear where it is
  • You can also have the app unlock you keys, and back up all of your personal information onto the server so that you can recover it in the case of an emergency
  • You can also delete all of the information on your phone if it gets stolen so that nobody will be able to steal private information
  • This app also lets you manage the alerts and notifications so that you can see whenever friends are nearby or let friends know that your phone is lost and have them pick it up if they are nearby
  • You can also decide what intervals you would like to have your phone’s data backed up.  It can be daily, weekly, or monthly, among others
  • You can also lock the key pad remotely from a distance if you believe that it has been stolen by someone


This app has both good things about it as well as some bad things about it.  To start off with the bad, the phone occasionally will force close for no reason at all.  This bug is pretty annoying and can make the app hard to use.  Also, it drains the battery fairly quickly as it takes up most of the phone’s juice while it is running.  It also will sometimes override your original home screen to become your default home screen.  Other than these bugs and interface issues, the app is good in a lot of areas too.  The remote ability to lock your keys and also to find your phone via GPS is a great way to keep track of your phone and make sure that you always know where it is.  It is a great way to protect privacy and back up your information.

Voted 2.7 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently is free to download onto your Android phone.

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