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The Informant Android app is a great way to record secret conversations without anyone ever knowing it.  You can preset the recording time so you don’t even have to press the button or you can turn it on while it is in your pocket and and have no one think anything of it.  A fun way to be a part of the espionage world.



  • This is a fun little app to help you feel like you are a private investigator or something.  You can record different meetings and conversations without anyone ever knowing about it
  • One of the best ways to remain undetected is to actually preset the recording time in advance so you don’t have to manually turn it on.  This is the best way to stay completely discreet
  • You can record with your Android phone while it is in your pocket, while it is out on the table, or anywhere else you want to put it where people won’t see it and know that it is there
  • You can have the recording pause while you take a phone call and resume recording once you are done
  • You can also use an option pin number code to make sure that all of your recordings are protected from other people tampering with them
  • You can play back all of your recordings that you have accumulated and then you can actually email them to yourself of someone else if you would like to
  • Before using this app you may just want to check your local laws to make sure you aren’t doing anything illegal by recording conversations and such
  • While you can’t record conversations over the phone, this app is great for speaking conversations and those kinds of secrets
  • The recording function works even while your phone is in sleep mode so that you make sure to not lose any of the conversation


Who doesn’t love spying?  It just gives you an adrenaline rush and makes you feel like you are narrowing things down to find certain important information.  With the Informant app you can now gather crucial information and record it onto you phone without anyone ever knowing.  This is a fun idea for an app and a great way to catch your friends in secret conversations.  The main feature that this app is lacking is the ability to record call to call conversations.  That would have added an entirely new dimension to that app that would have been very interesting.

Voted 3.9 out of 5 stars by different people that have used or played around with the app.  It costs $2.49 to download and can be a fun little app to do a little spying here and there.

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