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Have you ever gone out partying one night only to regret the things you said and did on your phone while you were wasted?  If so, then this app is for you.  The DrunkBlocker Android app will help you curb your desire to call your boss and tell him to shove it while you are drunk.  It could save you your job and your girlfriend.



  • This app is meant to block you from calling any of your friends while you are drunk so as to save you the embarrassment of having to apologize to them the next day
  • You can select numbers to block calls to so that you don’t do anything you are going to regret while you are out partying the night away
  • Once you have selected the numbers that you want to block (it is probably best to make sure you choose your mother, or any exes that you don’t want to have to call later and redeem yourself with) you can then set the time period that you want to block the calls to
  • After you have set the appropriate time period (i.e. from midnight to 6a.m.) then all you do is press the “Start the Party!” button to activate the program
  • If you try and access the calls while you are drunk it will give you a series of different things to figure out before it will let you bypass it.  When you’re drunk it will definitely discourage you from doing it
  • You can select all of the different numbers for any person and the app is actually very easy to set up and get installed
  • You can also set the level of difficulty for the questions that the app will ask you so that you won’t accidentally get into it and make drunk calls


This is actually a pretty funny app.  How many times have you accidentally called your boss or girlfriend while drunk and realized the next day that you had made a horrible mistake?  This hopefully will hinder you from making these kinds of mistakes again and again.  The only part about the app that is a little frustrating is that you have to remember to press the “Start the Party” button in order for it to work.  If not, then all your careful planning was done in vain.  Just make sure to have all of your settings right and make sure you pick difficult enough questions that you won’t pass them while drunk.

Voted 4.5 out of 5 stars by users that have tried this app out.  Another great thing about the app is that it is actually free for you to download. You gotta love the free apps.

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