DroidSense – AdSense Tool Android app Review


The DroidSense – AdSense Tool Android app allows you to monitor your advertising performance at any time and at any location.  You can see how much money you are making on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly level.  You will get accurate results and up-to-date graphs with your data included.  This is the perfect companion for any website owner.



  • This is a good app that lets you analyze your Adsense numbers right from your mobile phone.  You can now see this at any time of the day and at any location
  • You can see your Adsense performance on either a daily, monthly, weekly, or yearly basis so that you can detect positive and negative trends and see what you need to improve
  • You can also get updated graphs that will show data on how much you have made through AdSense and how many people have been visiting each individual site that is included on your analytics
  • This is the lite version of the app so it doesn’t have a ton of features but it is a good way to see what the app has to offer before upgrading to the full version of it
  • If you are a website owner then you will love this app and the ability it has to show you how much money you have made by advertising for Google on your site
  • This is a great app to have alongside the Droid Analytics app so that you can see all of your numbers and use them to create real results for your business
  • You can see the amount of money you made for the month, how much you are at for the day, how much you made yesterday, and the amount you have made in the past two months
  • Keep in mind that in order for you to get paid by AdSense, you need to have made at least $100 from people clicking on the advertisements on your site


If you are in the online industry then you know how valuable it can be to advertise for other businesses on your site.  If your site gets a lot of traffic then you can capitalize in two ways.  Sell products or services, and also advertise to others who would like to share some of the traffic you have obtained.  It is a dog eat dog world out there on the internet, so the better idea you have of your traffic and advertising potential, the better decisions you can make to propel your business to the next level.

Voted 4.1 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is free to download onto your mobile phone.

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