Blockx 3D Pro Android app Review


Think Tetris, but in 3D.  With the Blockx 3D Pro Android app you will get all the fun of the classic Tetris style of play but all in three dimensions.  All of the layers are color coated so that you know what is what.  You will take the bird’s eye view and have to fill in all of the holes in the pit to be able to score tons of points and move up in levels.  There is a global scoreboard where you can see other people’s scores and see where they rank.  This app also has an autosave feature as well as a customizable controls.



  • The Blockx 3D Android game is very similar to Tetris in that you do have falling blocks all over the screen
  • The way it differs is that all of the blocks are in 3D and you must use depth perception and an entire board full of blocks this time
  • The pits in the game can be created however you like and they are fully customizable
  • There are three different sets of blocks that you can play with throughout the game
  • The controls are very easy to use and they can also be customized however you like so that you can play at the best of your ability
  • There is an autosave function so that you can get out of the app quickly to answer a phone call or write someone back through text message
  • There are high scores for the local area as well as globally so you can see who the best players in the game are
  • This game can also be played in both portrait or landscape modes
  • The basic mechanics of the game are the same as Tetris (although the game is not associated with Tetris in anway) and you must put them together in order to eliminate them and save yourself from a game over
  • Colored blocks will match so that you know you are filling the layers correctly
  • Try to rack up as many points as you can by filling up the pit with blocks


Super cool game.  Tetris is addictive in and of itself and so to move it into the third dimension adds a whole new spin on it.  The graphics are crisp and the bird’s eye view is easy to navigate.  You will love the way the game plays and how fun it is to stack blocks and uncover layers.  This is one of the better strategy/puzzle game out right now for the Android platform.  Definitely worth downloading for a couple bucks.

Voted 4.2 out of 5 stars by users from popular Android Review sites.    Also, it costs 0.75 pounds.

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