Billski Bill Tracker Android app Review


In the Billski Bill Tracker Android app you will have a simple and easy interface to enter in all of your Android bills into your mobile smartphone.  You can then use the features on the app to set reminders on these bills so that you don’t forget when they are due.  There is both a free version as well as an upgraded paid version that does not have any ads in it.



  • This is one of the best bill trackers out on the Android market and it is one of the easiest to navigate
  • This little bill tracking app will create a monthly schedule and help to remind  you when all of your bills are due.  This is great because it helps you to plan for your month and your expenses
  • Just keep in mind that the free version of the app is supported by the Ads that run across the top and bottom.  If you get the upgraded version then you can decide how big you want the font to be as well as how the schedule list is presented
  • The payed version also fixes a few different bugs including the ability to move ahead a month or also back a month to see any previous bills that you already paid for
  • The reminders are great because it will notify you a day, week, or an hour before your bill is due so that you have fair warning


The good part about this app is that it is actually very simple to use.  You can just enter in  your information and set the timers to remind you when you need to pay your bills.  Essentially this is all you need in a good bill tracking app.  There are a few parts of the app that are less than desirable, however.  For one, the font size on the text is super small and can sometimes be very hard to read.  This is a bad thing on a bill tracker if you can’t read the amount on the bill.  There is also no option for syncing or any other kind of export of data from the internet.   There are other bill tracking apps that offer this option and it is extremely useful and convenient. You can also only use the app in the horizontal mode which can sometimes get annoying.

This app has been voted 3 out of 5 stars by multiple Android app users.  The app is actually free to download which is nice.

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