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The Bedside Android app is a very simple bedside clock that you can customize as much as you want.  You can change the size, the font, and the color of the numbers that are displayed and you also have control over the brightness.  Coolest feature is that just by pressing down on the clock it will read you the time audibly.



  • The primary function of this app is to serve as a dim little night clock.  Whenever it is opened on your phone it turns off all of the vibrate and sound reminders except for phone calls.
  • When someone actually does call you it will use the last ring mode setting.  This is nice so you don’t have to change the settings too much to make it work
  • This app also doubles as an alarm clock and will use the default alarm clock to complete the action
  • You can also use a few other features that come along with the app including the ability to keep your screen on if you would like, or you can control the brightness or even use it as a flashlight by your bedside
  • This app will also display the time in large numbers so it is easy to see what time it is.  It will also display the date and also the strength of your battery at all times
  • You can customize the background and also change the color of the font as well as the font itself so that it meets all of your expectations.  You can also add a glow to the background if you would like
  • If you press down on the timer it will actually tell you the current time in an audible voice.  This is great for if you are too tired to open your eyes an you just want to press on it


This is a very simple app and it pretty much uses the very basics of the Android hardware.  Although it completes everything it says it will do, it is just too simple for the pricetag that comes with it.  Another thing is that it doesn’t even have its own alarm clock, you have to use the default one on the phone.  The customization features are nice but once again there are hundred of other apps that do the same thing but don’t charge anything at all.  Probably not worth downloading unless you just want to spend the money out of convenience.

This app has been given a rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars by people who have already tried the app.  The app costs $1.49 to download onto your Android off of the market.

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