3 (Cubed) Music Player Android app Review


In the 3 (Cubed) Music Player Android app you will have the opportunity to test this beta version of the popular Cubed music player.  There are a lot of cool options to explore, including the 3D viewing mode that lets you swipe through different album covers.



  • This is actually the beta version of the Cubed music player.  It is a free version and is definitely worth checking out
  • This beta app puts a really fun spin onto the whole experience of having a mobile music player on your smartphone
  • The twist that this music player puts on the genre is that it has a 3D viewing mode that you can view in either the landscape mode or the portrait mode, whichever you prefer
  • This app also contains all of the standard music player features such as the standard player, the shuffle option, the playlists option, and also adds a few more features
  • Some of these extra features include the ability for you to browse through the Cover Art and grab one you like
  • You can also use a special feature to match concert events with your favorite artists by using the app extension labeled “concerts”
  • You can also choose from a few different display options to look at your music and theme it visually
  • There are four main viewing modes that you can use the player.  These include the 3D mode, the Wall mode, the Boring mode, and the morph flow mode
  • The 3D viewing mode lets you swipe your phone in either direction and if you swipe it in the horizontal fashion you will see all of the different artists in alphabetical mode
  • The Wall viewing mode shows all of the different albums all on a two-columned wall that you can scroll through
  • The Boring mode will show you all of the albums but they will all just be in text with no pictures
  • The Morph Flow option will actually flip the albums vertically for you


This is a pretty sweet music app and has a lot of features that most music players don’t.  Definitely worth a download onto your phone.  The only real gripe that you can have with this app is that it is really hard to find on the Android app market.  The cubed symbol is hard to search for and you will have to think of some ingenious ways to be able to find it and download it onto your mobile phone.

This Android music player was voted 4.3 out of 5 stars and even though it is only a beta version, it looks to be one of the better music apps on the Android market.  This beta version is also free to download.

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