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The WallPaper Rotator app is a great way to help you pass the time while looking at your own pictures or pictures from Flickr.  This little app will soon have integration with Facebook and Picasa so that you can browse through hundreds of thousands of different pictures at your own leisure.  You can display random backgrounds or pick certain photos.  The other nice thing about this app is that you can actually decide how long you want each interval to be inbetween changing pictures.   You can have pictures change every thirty seconds or every week, or anywhere inbewteen.  You will love the simplicity of this app and the ability to turn on your phone and have a new picture every time.



  • This is a great app to keep your phone interesting and fun, you can make it so that you never have the same background twice when you turn it on
  • The WallPaper Rotator app changes at periodic intervals and turns your wallpaper into different images that are currently located on your SD card or are are flickr
  • This app will soon have full integration with picasa and Facebook which will allow you to sort from thousands of pictures and will be a fun way to remember fun events and people in your life
  • This app will sort through images automatically or you can decide which pictures it should choose from
  • This is just a classic wallpaper app but it is still a great way to add variety to your phone
  • You can decide how often you want the background to change to an image.  You can have it change anywhere from every thirty seconds to once every week.  It is entirely up to you and can be edited and changed if you decide to change your mind


This app is extremely simple but it gets the job done.  People are always getting sick of their same old background pictures and this app will randomly and automatically take care of that problem for you.  The best feature to this app is the fact that you can pick how long you want it to display each picture.  This app is free so you can’t complain, but it would be nice if it offered a few more features or had a database of cool pictures that you could select from as well.

Voted 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users that have downloaded it previously.  It is also currently free to download.

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