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The UMusic Android app is one of the best ways to enjoy free music from all over the internet.  Using the idea of streaming music from YouTube and other sources, this player will try and find high quality recordings of your favorite music for you to listen to.  You can find millions of different songs in all kinds of languages for your listening experience.  You can even listen to these songs while the app is in the background or even while the screen is off.  This is a great music app and supplies you with tons and tons of free music!



  • Once you pay the initial download fee then you will have access to millions of different songs and you can find them in a variety of different languages
  • One of the main ways that it does this is that it will play songs that it finds on YouTube without playing the video feeds.  By only playing the audio it actually saves on internet bandwidth and helps your battery to lasta  lot longer
  • You can even use this app to play music while your screen is off or while you are browsing other things while on your cellular phone
  • The free streaming music service is a genius idea and gives you access to tons and tons of music
  • The audio is streamed in very high quality so that the sound is crisp and clear
  • If you get a phone call while you are using the app then it will automatically stop so you can answer your call and then will resume again when you get off the phone
  • This app will also automatically create a variety of playlists and even shuffle the songs randomly if you choose that option
  • You also have some basic controls such as pause, rewind, fast forward, or repeat
  • The search features on the app are easy to use, you simply search for your favorite song or artists and the Umusic player will search for it in high quality


Super cool music app!  The whole idea of creating a music player off of streaming music feeds is pretty genius.  Most of the time it can find the songs in high quality which is a major bonus.  Also, you get a lot of different control options so you can pick it to shuffle randomly etc.  The few minor problems with the app are that when you stop to take a call, it usually does not remember which song you are on and starts you back at the beginning of the playlist, it also doesn’t play similar genre music like Pandora, you actually have to pick each and every artist and song that you like to put on it.  Overall, a great way to enjoy your favorite music all for free.

Voted 4.3 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently costs $1.99 to download onto your Android phone.

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