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The SlideScreen Android app is the perfect home replacement.  Take out all the middle men and have your newest information show up right on the front of your phone!  The SlideScreen app takes all of your information (SMS, call log, email, calendar, and more) and then summarizes the new information and puts it on the screen.  From there you can slide the phone down and see the other notifications or alerts you should know about.

The user interface is very slick and it is extremely easy to use.  You essentially have everything you need in one place rather than having to always search for it.



  • This is a home replacement app that gives you a lot more customization over your display screen and how you would like to organize it
  • This app goes through your recent histories in SMS, Gmail, call log, stocks, Google Reader, Twitter, and your calendar in order to summarize your information
  • Instead of you having to go to your information, the app brings it up on your home screen so you can stay up to date on any notifications or new info you should be aware of
  • It is also nice because it organizes everything into one convenient place.  This way you don’t have to go into a bunch of different apps and folders to find stuff
  • The User Interface is very sleek and looks really sharp, you will love the layout and the feel of it
  • Supports 1 Gmail account for the home interface
  • You can click on the menu button in order to bring up a list of all of your apps
  • You can add up to 8 of your most frequently used apps to come up regularly


This app is a pretty cool home replacement but there are a few things that should be noted.  First of all, it only supports one Gmail account.  It does not yet have the ability to match more than one email account and this can be annoying if you have more than one that you follow.   You also can’t send tweets from your phone.  This is just kind of weird since you can receive them on the app.  It is a little bit slower to star up than the default screen and because it has a new layout it takes some getting used to.   Other than these few cons, the fact that it brings up your most recent information is great so you don’t have to go and find it yourself.

Voted 4.1 out of 5 stars by Android app users and there is a free version you can download to try it out or you can get the full version for $6.99.

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