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Listening to the radio can be a great activity to hear new music that you might be interested in.  The only problem is that many times they don’t announce who the artist is or what the name of the song was. Without this crucial information how are you supposed to ever find new music and embrace it?  With the Shazam Android app you now can find out that information no matter where you are, or where the song is being played from.  All you need to do is to turn on the app and place it up to the speaker and you will get information on the artist, song, album, and even YouTube video!



  • This music app allows you identify almost any music track that you listen to.  This could be a song from the radio, from the television, from a friends music player, or any other source of musical medium
  • There are two main features when it comes to the Shazam Android app; this includes both the Tag Now function and the My Tags feature
  • The Tag Now feature lets you put your phone right up to the speaker of whatever song is playing and it will tell you the name of the song, what record label produced it, the album name, the name of the artist, the MySpace page of the artist, and also a link where you can follow it to Amazon’s MP3 store where you can buy the song or the entire album
  • The Tag Now feature also will let you go to YouTube and see the music video for that particular song (as long as it is available).
  • The other feature, My Tags, will show you a history of all of the songs that you have already listened to so that you can go back and reference to them later.  This is nice in case you hear a couple different songs one right after the other and want to find out what they both are and then go back later and buy their albums
  • You can also delete tags off of the My Tags section if you decide you don’t really like that song or artist
  • This app is also great because of the mobility function of it.  No matter where you go you can hold it up to the music that is playing and get information on it
  • One last feature is that you can swipe screen in the My Tags section to scroll to the next song or to go back to the previous one


This is really one of the coolest apps to ever come out on the smartphone.  To be able to hold your phone up to the speaker and tell you loads of information about the song and artist is pretty amazing.  You will find that you will use this app often and it will be a good asset in building up your music library.

Voted 4.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is considered to be one of the best apps out on the Android right now.  Is free to download.

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