Raging Thunder 2 Android app Review


This is the best racing game to come out on any Android phone!  The Raging Thunder 2 Android app has been vastly improved from the first game in the franchise and has nailed it when it comes to delivering the complete racing game experience.    This is a 3D street racer that will have you on the edge of your seat as you handle your car through incredibly detailed environments and tracks.  The graphics on this game would compare to any console gaming device and the colors are vibrant and bright.  The game also makes full use of the accelerometer and you will love the responsive control that you have over each and every turn in the race.  The gameplay is very smooth and you won’t have to worry about choppy sections during any of the races.  Not only that, the game will challenge any gamer with competitive computer opponents and the ability to participate in online multiplayer races.  You can play other drivers from all over the world and prove your skills and dominance in the racing world.

One thing to note is that almost 20mb of data will be downloaded onto your SD card when you first launch the app.  Other than this fact the game has virtually no flaws.  There are variety of different race modes you can compete in, including Time Attack, Career Mode, and many more.  If you own a high-end Android phone then this app is a must buy!  It is one of the best gaming apps on the Android as far as graphics, gameplay, accelerometer and sound.  Take advantage of these good games when they come your way and download Raging Thunder 2 today!



  • Everything is in 3D.  One of the very best looking 3D games out for Android phones
  • Takes 20mb of space on your SD card
  • There is a multi-player online racing mode where you can either play against friends or complete strangers
  • Smooth gameplay and an impressive soundtrack to enjoy while you are racing
  • The AI opponents are actually pretty skilled and you will be challenged to beat them in the highest difficulty levels
  • There are a variety of single player modes such as Time Attack, Arcade, Instant Race, Survival, and Career Mode
  • Rack up bonuses and dodge obstacles in order to get the fastest time
  • Use the sensitive accelerometer to master the game and come out victorious


Voted 4.7 out of 5 stars by Android app users and there is a free trial available as well as the option to download it for $4.00.

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