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Have you ever wished you could bring your photos to life?  With the PhotoSpeak Android app, that is now possible!  You can turn a boring two dimensional picture into a 3D avatar in no time!  Simply take a picture on your phone, access it through the app and see what you can do to it!  You can make the avatars eyes blink, and even have it repeat to you everything that you have said to it.  When you make gestures on the screen by touching it, your avatar will react to that as well.

You can even spice up your life a little bit more by casting your avatar as the main attraction for your very own music video!  You can have a lot of fun with this app and it is definitely worth downloading.



  • The ultimate app in bringing 2D photos to life
  • Take a photo with your phone and save it in the gallery.  Once you have done that you can upload it onto the app and bring it to life!
  • This app turns pictures into 3D avatars that will actually repeat every word that you say to it
  • These 3D avatars can even speak on your friend’s phones as well
  • The avatar will blink its eyes, move around, and follow the gestures that you make on the screen
  • It stores all of the information about the 3D avatars you create onto the internal memory space inside of your phone
  • Created by MotionPortrait and takes place in the cloud on their servers
  • You also have the option to create a music video out of the 3D avatars that you have formed


One of the more impressive photo altering apps on the market.  It is pretty amazing that you can take a picture of someone and bring it to life.  You will have endless hours of fun turning all kinds of pictures into avatars.  It is pretty cool that you can make the avatars repeat back to you what you just said as well.  A lot went into making this app and it is a great way to waste time.  The only main problem with this app is that there is not an option to save onto the SD card.  This means that all of you avatars are saved right onto the internal memory of your phone and it takes up a lot of space.

Voted 4.7 out of 5 stars and currently has a free download option available.

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