Mystique. Chapter 3: Obitus Android app Review


You have moved from the bathroom to the mental hospital and now you are in the lower levels of the building.  In the Mystique. Chapter 3: Obitus Android app game you will have to use your smarts as well as keep a calm head about you in order to complete these new challenges.  This game has all new locations, puzzles, graphics, gameplay, and so much more.



  • This is the third installment of the series and brings a whole new load of challenges and trials to overcome in order to beat the game
  • This app has been developed by Bendroid and they have mastered the art of mixing horror and puzzle elements into a game
  • The game includes an entirely new gameplay scheme and you will have a new control setup to use and navigate with
  • The graphics have been improved over the last two games and you will see more fluid animations and the scary scenes will be even scarier
  • This game also has a variety of new locations that you will get to play in just to keep things fresh and interesting
  • The characters in the game are all in 3D and they look pretty good for a game on a mobile device
  • You will have the opportunity to not only explore the world but also the Underworld in this version of the game
  • There are times in the game where you will either have to kill the monster or you will be killed
  • There are a variety of puzzles in each and every room that you will have to solve in order to move on
  • Finally, use all that you have learned in order to escape the lower levels and get out of the haunted mental hospital!


This game stays true to the other two installments of the franchise and brings you a great mix of horror and puzzle elements that will make your head spin.  The fun thing about this game is that you are only moving from one level to the next in each game so it leaves it open to future games as well.  The only main problem with this game is that they have completely changed the gameplay and control options.  They should have used some multi-touch capabilities in order to make the game more accessible to everyone.

Voted 4.3 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently costs $2.99 to download from the Android mobile app market.  This is the third game in the prestigious Mystique series.

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