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Everyone wants to keep their personal information secure and safe.  There are a lot of different protection apps out there available to help you do that. The key is finding the one with the best features and the most effective protection.  The Mobile Defense Android app is a top notch protection app that puts pass codes on all of you important information and also allows you to track your phone wherever it may good.  This GPS connectivity is great because if your phone gets stolen or lost you can get onto the Mobile Defense website and locate where it is or where it is moving to.   This is one of the best android apps out there to help you feel safe with your mobile information.



  • This is a great protective app that allows you to manage and protect your secure items and web information
  • This app utilizes Google Maps in order to help you locate your phone if it is ever stolen or gets lost
  • It includes connection to GPS so that you can track it on the Mobile Defense website in case of emergencies
  • Very similar to having LoJack on your mobile phone
  • You can get extra support and help from the website as well
  • You can lock your phone remotely so that no one can get on it and mess with your apps or personal info
  • You can set up the service so that it sends notifications right to your phone.  You can make it so that these notifications and alerts come with some sort of alarm sound as well as the option to enter in a security code
  • Once you have the app installed onto your phone, you will not be able to detect it.  The only way to access it is through the manage applications tab
  • You can track details about the phone including roaming and battery status as well as much more
  • You can see if your phone is in someone’s car and how fast it is traveling


If you do a lot of business or personal transactions from your phone, it is a good idea to get some kind of protection app to be able to secure your accounts and what not.  This is a great app for that.  It is pretty solid and there don’t seem to be any loopholes.  You will have to enter in a pass code to access information, and there even is an alarm that you can set in case you are really worried about it.  Overall it seems like a great protection app.

Voted 4.3 out of 5 stars by Android app users and can be downloaded for free.

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