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The world we live in is very unpredictable and full of accidents.  You could wake up tomorrow and realize that you have lost your phone and with it all of  your contacts, text messages, pictures, and much more.  Or you could be out and about on your daily errands and accidentally drop your phone into the gutter and lose all of this priceless information.  Or even worse, you could be at school or at work and misplace your phone only to have it stolen by someone else who will try to access your personal info.  In order to protect you from losing information and to help you feel safe you should download the Lookout Mobile Security Android app.  This is a three in one app because it will scan all of your new apps that you are downloading to make sure that there are no viruses attached as well letting you upload all of  your information onto the mylookout.com website.  It also acts as a phone finder by using the built in GPS to help you locate the position of the phone.  There is even a scream feature that will sound an alarm on your phone so you can find it.



  • This is an anti-virus app that is meant to help you prevent theft and anyone else from stealing your information
  • This app also allows you to backup all of your information so that none of it gets lost in case your phone breaks down or malfunctions
  • The way that the app works is that whenever you download another app Lookout Mobile Security will scan it thoroughly to make sure that it does not have any viruses, corrupt files, or malware
  • Once it has scanned the new app it will let you know that it is safe to download and you can do so without having to reset your device
  • You can also upload all of your personal information such as texts, pictures, videos, contacts, call history and much more all up to the mylookout.com website
  • The last way to use this app is to use it to find your phone in case you lost it or you think it got stolen
  • You can use the website to track the GPS to show you where it is at or you can make it scream so that you can hear it if it got lost somewhere in your home
  • This app is a great way to protect your information and it is completely free


Anyone that uses their smartphone for downloading a lot of personal information should have some type of protective app to keep all of their information safe.  The Lookout Mobile Security  app is a great way to do that and it is totally free.  The other nice thing is that you can upload all of your sensitive information to a web portal where you can access it in case something unfortunate happens to your phone.  This really is one of the better protective apps because it also offers the ability to track your phone when you lose it.

Voted 4.4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and the app is currently available for download for free.

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